House and Land Packages

I want a house and land package around Melbourne


Why are so many “stuck on buying a house and land package”?


House and Land packages are popular with:

  • families starting out,
  • older couples looking to downsize
  • and those wanting to invest.


The Investor

For the investor – the negative and positive gearing aspects of purchasing a new home gives the investor the ultimate edge in depreciation.   Reducing your tax component in any investment situation is an important and well known tax strategy.


The home owner

It is still very much a part of the great Australian dream to own your own home.  This hasn’t changed, however with the inflated prices of land it is just that much harder to get into the market.   Buying a house and land package offers security and a piece of mind.  Dealing with our reputable builders ensures you won’t be left out in the rain.


The downsizer

There comes a time in most of our lives when we just don’t need that big house. We don’t need that big block of land to look after.  The modern Australian’s lifestyle has changed somewhat.  Lifestyle of today’s estates offers communal spaces, where people can gather as a community and enjoy being outside in the fresh air, without the big price tag.  It also gives them more time as someone else is looking after the mowing.


Identify your needs and budget

After you identify your budget as a home owner or an investor, it is just a simple matter of selecting your suburb and then putting together the house and land package you WANT.


If the suburb you want is not listed on this website call or contact by email and we will find EXACTLY what you want.


We work with a number of exceptional builders across Melbourne and Victoria, who can ensure the best prices on builds, with your own individual flare.




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